The Complete Series

Watch Making Partner here online for free. All episodes are 5 minutes in length.

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We meet Frechette & Castellano in the courtroom doing what they do best, taking down their opponent. But when they get back to the office, they find that their boss Calloway (Bryan Rainstein) has made another less deserving associate Brad Gage (Brad Gage) partner. The women then take it upon themselves to bring Brad Gage to justice.

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"The Ladies v. Duderson & Mandelman"

Frechette and Castellano get recruited by a new law firm and learn to secret to becoming successful lawyers β€” become men. 


"The Ladies v. The Town of Salem"

The ladies find themselves in Salem in 1692 as the Salem Witch Trials are heating up. Spotting injustice (and a woman tied to a tree), they decide to use their legal prowess to save the day.


"The Ladies v. Herb Lingland, Office Ass Slapper"

Calloway is out of town and Herb Lingland (Nick Hurley) another office partner is in charge, except he's got a nasty habitβ€”he's a butt slapper. The ladies conspire to catch him in the act and bring him to HR (and justice).


"The Ladies v. The Bechdel Test"

The ladies take on an impossible case: argue for the removal of America Pie 2 from the list of Bechdel passing movies.