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Episode 1 "Pilot"

We meet Frechette & Castellano in the courtroom doing what they do best, taking down their opponent. But when they get back to the office, they find that their boss Calloway (Bryan Rainstein) has made another less deserving associate Brad Gage (Brad Gage) Partner. The women then take it upon themselves to bring down Brad Gage.

Episode 2 "Panama"

Calloway is out of town and Herb Lingland (Nick Hurley) another office partner is in charge, except he's got a nasty habit, he's a serial butt slapper. Determined to get Herb caught for slapping other men's butts in the office Frechette and Castellano set up a series of traps to catch Herb in the act. After trial and error they finally catch him on tape and report him to Calloway. 

Episode 3 "The People v. Bechtel"

Tasked with defending the Bechtel Test (the film test created to spread awareness of the lack of strong female roles on the big screen), the women give pointed arguments as to why American Pie II should not make the list, however they are distracted by their HOT defense Nicholas Charles (Chris Webster). Distracted by his thick British accent, and chiseled abs the girls strive to pass the Bechtel test in their own episode. 

Episode 4 "Golden Opportunity"

Tired of working long sexist hours Frechette and Castellano check out another law firm where they might be able to: Make Partner. Except this firm Duderson & Mandelman is made up of all chicks dressed as dudes - they wanted to be the best lawyers in the business, so they switched teams. Frechette and Castellano have fun learning how to dress and act like a man but ultimately realize they want to make it to the top, as women.

Episode 5 "Burn Her!"

Tasked with cleaning the closet Frechette reluctantly picks up a box that falls on her and Castellano's head knocking them into a deep sleep and transporting them to the Salem Witch Trails. Goody Tampax is on stand for shoving cotton up there during her monthly red, with an unruly and irrational mob is ready to burn her! Frechette and Catellano take a page from the good book (the bible) to help sway the crowd to letting Mary Tampax live!