Loomba, Parker & Marsden

Making Partner is created by the comedy trio of Monica Loomba, KP Parker, & Ted Marsden.

Mon creator.png

Monica Loomba

Monica (Barbara Castellano) is an actor/writer hailing from San Francisco, CA.

She is a lover of comedy, and performs both improv and sketch at UCB, iO West, and Groundlings. She has been a part of regular sketch teams at iO West and house team Hussy with KP.

She is known for her non-sequitur humor and enjoys the simplicity of Shel Silverstein's poems. You can catch her on a Tuesday making some big character choices and/or eating pizza.

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KP Parker

KP (Tanner Frechette) is an actor/writer and a graduate of Emerson College, currently living in Los Angeles.

She has studied with UCB, iO West, and the Groundlings Theater among others and enjoys both writing and performing comedy. In the past she has performed with indie sketch team Sourdough and iO house team Hussy with Monica.

KP is a former high school teacher where she learned to do a great impersonation of a disinterested seventh grader (Hint: It's all in the lip smack.)

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Ted Marsden

Ted (director / editor) is a filmmaker who has dedicated his life to creating video comedy and wouldn't have it any other way. 

He has created hit shows for Channel 101, including Making Partner, which won Best Show and Best Directing at the 2018 Channel 101 Awards.

Ted's directing / editing work has reached millions and gone viral. His work has been featured on Good Morning America, E! News, the front page of Reddit, YouTube, Huffington Post, CollegeHumor, and World Star.