An original comedy series of 5-minute episodes, 
Making Partner is created by the comedy trio of
KP Parker, Monica Loomba, & Ted Marsden.

Praise for Making Partner

  • Featured on front page of WhoHaha, who wrote:

"Watch co-writers/co-stars KP Parker and Monica Loomba as they destroy Brad in this first episode of the hilarious web series Making Partner. We’re obsessed with this show, so apologies in advance for basically forcing you to watch every episode and ruining your productivity. Seriously, watch them here."

  • Featured on Comedy Cake "VIDEO: Two Women Fight The Patriarchy in Making Partner"

  • Winner of Best Show and Best Directing at the 2018 Channel 101 Awards.

  • Longest running Prime Time show at Channel 101 in the 2018 season.

Making Partner is a female-driven, female-created original comedic series about two lady lawyers who are passed up for a promotion at work by their sexist boss, so they take matters into their own hands.

Each episode features two women who are trying their hardest to achieve it all.

A combination of endearing, crass and absurd, this show was created as a comedic response to feeling like you aren't being taken seriously.

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